Steele Filipek is available for consultation, writing, coaching, and editing services!

Have a comic book that you just can’t crack? Issues with your script that seem insurmountable? A story world that doesn’t sing? I’m available to help you refine your vision! With over fifteen years working in entertainment, marketing, branding, education, and the socio-political/non-profit sector, I have crafted or designed media for all sort of clients (large and small). No matter your budget, feel free to email me at to see samples and work out an arrangement so that we can share your art and vision with the world.


Face-to-face discussions about your work.

I offer coaching sessions, lectures, and editorial to both established and burgeoning creators. Services include pitching practice or refinement, composition guidance, brainstorming sessions, story world composition, and more. Whether you have an idea, a fully realized world, or need prompts, I can talk you through any aspect of narrative design that you might need.

Note: as of now, all consultation must be done remotely due to Covid restrictions. When contacting me, please detail your preferred method of eMeeting (Zoom, Skype, Google)


Notes, commentary, and line edits on completed work.

If you have a compositional draft (script, novel, comic book, etc.) and want a professional set of eyes on it, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve worked with the Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, Showtime, Valiant Comics, and many others to beef up works to that the story world is seamlessly introduced. I’m also an accomplished script doctor, dialogue specialist, and structuralist, so whatever your needs, I can help you nail that next draft.


Screenplays, pilots, comic books, literature, video games, and more.

You might be unsure about composing your work, or else you want someone to take the reins when it comes to actual scripting. I’m available to work with you by crafting media set in your story world. Having work produced in numerous fields (film, television, video games, short fiction, and more), you’ll be getting a quality partner who understands every element of narratology.


Video editing, lookbook design, and leave-behind publication

Want to pep up your Kickstarter or your pitch? I’ve produced videos for Marvel that detail the world behind their comics, pitches for producers at Nickelodeon to build out their brand, and leave-behinds for all sorts of indie producers looking to get financing or material. If you’re mostly settled and want to take the next step to entice an audience–whoever that might be–let me help you design something that leaves a lasting impression.

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