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The first episode of my smash-hit podcast, Building a Better Story World! If you ever wanted to know the basics of structure, you’re in luck, because in just about thirty minutes, I detail how you can build a basic foundation for your narrative, regardless of platform! Go to to listen to more episodes (available every other Friday) or subscribe on Stitcher, Pocket Casts, iTunes, or any fine podcatcher.

My original audio drama, Queens of the Sapphire Sea! Join two fiery seaplane pilots-for-hire as they take down air pirates, fascist goons, amorous ex-lovers, spoiled aristocrats, and more in 1930s Europe. It’s a swashbuckling comedy-adventure in the vein of Porco Rosso or Indiana Jones, and with seven episodes, you’ll have plenty of PG-rated laughs and action for your workout, commute, or road trip.

In which I detail how memetics and neurology allow for multimedia storytelling to function… and why it is incumbent upon creators to realize the ethical ramifications of their work.

An essay extoling the virtues of Generation Z, their optimistic outlook on life, and the way that they engage with media… and how all of us must nurture younger generations to use media rather than simply consume it.

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Daren Jaime on Open, an interview and news program run through Bronxnet. In it, I discuss breaking into the industry, finding your passion, how to use internships, and more!

Fan service sometimes stinks worse than the toilets at the Great American Beer Festival, but there are five easy ways to make sure that giving your audiences such stuff will result in applause rather than boos.

Our modern times have caused people to fret about the future given the rise of extremists. How can they be defeated? Read on as I detail how to deal with the misinformed and the trollish so that your hopeful vision for the world remains undaunted.

Platform agnosticism?! Pfeh! We’re moving ever closer to an age when people will be able to access any media they want on any device. What do you need to know of this upcoming era? Read on!

One of the core concepts of building a story world is giving fans just enough story to excite them but not so much that it limits their imagination. Join me as I detail how to “leave doors open” in your story world so that fans can discuss it among themselves, craft fan fiction, and dream of what lays in the misty mountains of your work!