Announcing Radio Room


I can finally announce that Radio Room–the audio drama project that I’ve been co-producing with Adam L. Garcia and Tyrant Rex–will be airing on 94.3 FM WBMB this upcoming Spring!

The skinny: each Thursday at 8 PM, we’ll be broadcasting a new episode of one of shows. First up is Tyrant Rex’s amazing “Tales of the Halloween Team,” a sit-com about supernatural-powered superheroes solving crimes in our fair city. Silly, gross, horrifying, and hilarious: everything you could want in a great show! Check out our Facebook page for more information on my adventure serial (“Queens of the Sapphire Sea”) and Garcia’s steampunk anthology (“Smoke without Flame”).

Most important with regards to this website, I’ll be updating our adventures, trials, and tribulations here! You’ll hear all about the tears, fears, chills, and spills of our adventure bringing this to the air.

We’re launching our first episode on February 25th, but don’t worry: if you miss one, you’ll be able to catch up at either WBMB’s own site ( or on our own (soon to launch!). It’s gonna be an exciting spring, so stay tuned for more info!

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