New Fiction and Old

We’re taking a short break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you new fiction by yours truly: a science fiction piece found in Esoterica, entitled “Under Ultra-Violet Light.” The ruins of Miami, UV tattoos, and a struggle to maintain one’s sense of morality when confronted with the evil of one’s heroes. Plus, there’s a whole slew of other great stories, writers, poetry, art, and music… all for the low, low price of “pay what you want!”

And just in case you missed it, here’s the link to the last piece I had published in Esoterica, “Self-Herding, in Deference.” The editor called it “elephantpunk,” and I won’t disagree: set in the far, far future, discover how matriarchal pachyderms solve their differences in life, science, and social standing.

One with the Stars

This story appeared in modified form in both Phalanx and Aphelion. 

A meteor passed by overhead, sending trails of hair cascading down Cowrie’s blouse. She looked up from her book to catch sight of the comet’s tail as it wound its purple course through the galaxy. Her watery and wide blue eyes reflected the thousands of stars that twinkled in the sky. The night had come without her even noticing.

The shooting star had triggered a memory in a way that wasn’t quite comfortable. Cowrie tugged at a long-forgotten face, dredging up the features of someone she hadn’t seen since she was young. But then Cowrie saw something else in the sky, and the vision drifted away.

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Dreams on the Wind

This work originally appeared in a slightly altered form in Aphelion. Reader’s caution: some harsh language appears within.

Corey slept well, dreaming of Megan and their honeymoon in Aruba, right up until the alarm went off. He had felt the heat of the sun on his skin and the water under his feet. He could smell the salt in the air. Megan was just a few feet away, all bronzed and gorgeous. He had taken a step toward her when the first klaxon rang.

Not yet.
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