Arcane #1

It’s finally here! First envisioned by ten-year-old me and set into motion four years ago, my ongoing, monthly series, Arcane, is finally here! If you like Lovecraftian horror, Saga of the Swamp Thing, and Young Adult media, check it out!

Fourteen year-old Hogan Serrano accidentally touched the Oculus and gained the memories of the hundreds who bore that ancient artifact before him. Now, every wannabe cultist, esoteric magician, and maniac would kill for the secrets in Hogan’s brain to help them control reality and beyond. 

A physical copy can be purchased here from the publisher, Cosmic Lion.

If you’d like to get a digital version, please click on the link to Gumroad below for a 20% discount off of the cover price. A Comixology version is soon to come!

Check out Arcane #1!